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I am in love with your ability to find beauty in everyone. -- MICHELLE LANGE

The photos of Sophie brought tears to my eyes. Having seen your other work I knew they'd be beautiful, but what makes them so special is that you've captured so many of her expressions and mannerisms which I know will disappear or change as she grows up. It means so much to us to have pictures that will help us remember not just what she looks like now, but what a great little personality she already has. Your style is unique and thoughtful, and so the photos you take are stunning. Thank you. -- BRONWYN EVANS

Catherine, we are so thrilled with what you've sent. The wealth of photos, their exquisite quality and your very professional presentation have pleased us so much and we are very, very grateful. You managed to capture 'us' and the special moments of our very small wedding. You also managed to 'hide' some features that I was conscious of and that takes real talent. Thank you for acting as one of our witnesses - we feel privileged to have you as part of our day. Please pass our words on to others who are looking for a photographer - you have our very highest recommendation. -- BRUCE AND DENISE

Oh Catherine these photos are just AMAZING, above and beyond my expectations! It was so great to work with you, you kept me calm when things got stressful and made me feel so at ease. I loved every minute of that day and you did such an amazing job capturing it. I hardly knew you were there most of the time! You have such an amazing talent and we will treasure these photos forever, thank you so much :) xx -- KATE PERRY

You can never be sure how your kids are going to react to having their photos taken but we had absolutely no cause for concern - both kids were so relaxed and at ease with Catherine you'd have thought they were regular acquaintances. Catherine's stunning photos captured so many of the different 'faces' of my children's personalities, and the images of the kids together sum up their relationship perfectly - a protective big brother and a sister who adores him. The whole experience was a complete joy and we have no hesitation in highly recommending Catherine to others. -- THE BARRIS WHANAU

After meeting Catherine we didn't look any further for a wedding photographer. She totally understood what we were after: photos that were natural and in the moment. Capturing the feeling of the day rather than staged, pretty work.Now I will look pretty damn gorgeous for eternity.....!! The photos were amazing! So lovely in fact, that the wedding venue asked Catherine if they could use some of the images for their website and, every now and then, we see ourselves pop up in the local newspaper promoting wedding events held there.We’ve also gone to Catherine for more family portraits in which the same criteria applied: just capture the essence of who we are. I also love the way she gets really into the surroundings and works with them. Trees, buildings, colours, leaves...I would recommend her over and over and over. -- AMANDA ECKERSLEY

I booked Catherine to take photos of our growing family - no easy task when we consist of a sleep-deprived mum, a camera-shy husband, a very active six year old boy and an 8 week old baby girl. The results were truly outstanding and more beautiful than I could have hoped. She captured special moments and the essence of our family in a gentle and empathetic way. We treasure the shots she took as a time capsule of a very special time in our lives. We'll be booking our next session soon! -- KATE TAYLOR

Catherine photographed our two full-of-beans boys, and was masterful and superb in her direction and handling of them - getting me to pop out of the studio was an excellent idea. I had my ideas on who and how I thought they should be for photos - I must admit - but Catherine discovered who they really are. I had always preferred the less than formal unstaged walk along the beach-at the park sorts of sessions, thinking studios to be a bit too 'formal' and staged. Rather, in the studio, Catherine created images that were so totally accurate of the boys - not at all staged, or formal at all - with a range of emotions that went from super silly to sublime. Well done Catherine. -- DION HOWARD

When I saw our wedding slideshow I was just blown away. I really feel this was the most important investment we made throughout our entire wedding experience. -- ABBY AND KARL

What I love about Catherine is that she watches your interaction with the people around you and captures all the special moments and expressions - her photos actually tell a story. She is pretty much the invisible photographer: I hardly noticed her during the reception and suddenly we ended up with heaps of great shots! Magic! From day one she put us at ease. She makes sure you are comfortable in front of the camera, and works to understand how you feel about being photographed. Being a nervous bride I had a lot of questions in the run-up to the wedding and I would always get an instant response. It was a lovely feeling and gave us a lot confidence she wasn’t going to “disappear” on us!  Catherine also helped us work towards our budget, which we are really thankful for. There was never any pressure to add on to our wedding package and she did little things on the day to help keep our costs down. There are not many people out there nowadays who show such professionalism and treat their customers with so much respect.Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for everything you’ve done for us. You are an amazing person and photographer. -- LISA AND CHRIS

The photos are awesome awesome awesome! You are a GENIUS! Thank you so much. -- KATIE BROWN, director, Papercut Patterns

Being a graphic designer I'm very particular about what I like. I researched countless wedding photographers, looking for some work that wasn't cheesy, and as soon as I found Catherine's website I had to have her photograph our wedding! You spend so much time and money in planning a wedding, and it seems like it's over in an instant. Whenever I look through Catherine’d photos it feels like I'm there again. She has captured all the precious moments and expressions, and she has such an eye for what makes a good shot. On our way to our "photograph spot" she spotted an old barn and suggested we stop there. It wasn't in the plans but the end result was so beautiful, like something in a magazine. My family were so happy with her work that my Dad booked her for his wedding too! -- JENNA LAW

I just wanted to say how absolutely thrilled we are with our wedding photos. As you know, my husband didn't want a professional photographer because he doesn't like 'posed' photographs and was worried that our wedding shots would look just like everybody else's and wouldn't be personal. We also both didn't want to spend hours away from our guests doing the photo thing. You delivered the brief perfectly - both in terms of your approach on the day (the photos of my husband and I must have taken no more than 20mins, and we hardly even noticed you at the reception!) - and the finished photos.  We are so happy with them and everyone we have shown them to has commented on the quality of the photography as well as the subjects! Thanks again, I would highly recommend you. -- ANDREA

Two things especially impressed us. First, that every single one of the photos looked exactly like our kids. This sounds an obvious thing but as parents we frequently take or see photos of our children which might be nice shots, but don't actually capture their real expressions. They look unfamiliar somehow. But Catherine's photos all captured genuine expressions, covering a range from charming to silly, but all real and recognisably our kids. The kind of photos which we know we'll look at years from now and think, yes, remember that... The second thing which impressed us was Catherine's amazing skill with the kids. Within minutes they were chatting with her about things in their room and their favourite activities. Even our toddler was quickly at ease, and once the family shots were done, we faded into the background and left Catherine to work her magic with our children. Her experience and skill at this really comes through in the final results. -- RACHEL

I was soooo worried after the wedding, thinking that I don't look anything like those other brides on your website, I looked like crap... I didn't like my hair on the day, and in the photos that other people have emailed us we both looked so tired, worn out and old. Then I saw your wonderful shots. THANK GOD! YAEEEE!!! We love them, and personally I am very grateful for the portrait shots, where I can see that I actually look beautiful. Thank you again and I will recommend you to everyone I know in NZ! -- DEB

What a gift you have given us!! When we heard through the Child Cancer Foundation of the generous gift of a free portrait photo for families such as ourselves who are travelling the long and difficult journey of child cancer, we were overwhelmed with appreciation. Our son Riley, now 5, was diagnosed with leukaemia 2 years ago and throughout treatment has lost his hair, and only in the last few weeks has it grown back, so the timing for the photos was perfect. I cannot express to you the emotions we feel when we look at the beautiful photos of Riley and his sister Sammie that you've taken. They are both so relaxed and happy and you caught the true essence of their very special and strong relationship.For any family, photos are always so special: they capture a moment frozen in time that cannot be repeated. But for the journey our family is on, these moments are even more so special and we will treasure these photos forever. Thank you for sharing your gift with us: not only do the photos touch our heart and soul but also your generosity. Catherine you are an extremely talented photographer and an exceptionally kind person. Once again thank you! -- ALLISON AND JOHN, proud parents of Sammie and Riley (the bravest boy in the world!)

I just want to say that I love the photos you have taken of the kids and every opportunity I get on the computer I am looking at them. I am so, so impressed with how you have captured my children so brilliantly in only an hour - wow! -- CHANTAL

I have a nickname for Catherine - I call her Catherine the Great. Tim and I both have an artistic bent, and know what we want. We were planning a small Sri Lankan Buddhist wedding ceremony and when we came across Catherine’s website, we knew straight away that she was the photographer for us! Working with her felt just right from the beginning. Her photographic talent, creativity and artistic ability are world class. She is flexible, pays very close attention to detail and has a knack for finding beautiful locations and interesting angles for her photos. To top it off, she is an absolutely lovely person with a quiet sense of humour who puts you completely at ease. -- SUKI AND TIM HARDING

My family hardly ever gather, so these photos taken on my Mum's birthday were a big deal. I knew we'd be a tough assignment: three very different personalities with different ideas about what we wanted (my brother went into it just wanting it to be over!). Everything about this has gone well. You were an absolute wonder at the shoot -- low key and light, yet incredibly effective. I really appreciate your flexibility and willingness to meet our deadlines, so that Mum could see the photos before she left. And most of all, thank you for the incredible photos. They say so much about us, as individuals and as a group. P.S. I've known my stepfather for 29 years, yet I've never seen him photographed as you've portrayed him here. I was deeply moved. -- RACHEL

I managed to get through the whole ceremony without crying but was in tears within seconds of watching the DVD! Blair and I are so happy with the photos, thank you. I’ve been inundated with wonderful comments so I thought I would pass that on. You did especially well given the challenging weather conditions and the last minute change of wedding venue. And as you know, I find having my photo taken a bit challenging but you did such a great job of relaxing us all that it was easy. -- LISA AND BLAIR

With Catherine nothing is rehearsed or predetermined, so the photographs of your children are very natural and give you a real sense of 'them' at that particular time. We were delighted with the results and had a great time at the photoshoot: Catherine is also very adept at making a good coffee! -- CLAIRE

Just wanted to say THANKS A MILLION for our civil union photos, they are absolutely lovely and we are delighted. They are gorgeous and it was just what we wanted on the day. Thank you thank you! -- MELISSA AND AOIFE

Hi Catherine, thank you for coming over in the chilling wind and the rain last night to show us the pictures. The results from our photo shoot were brilliant. We loved them and of course couldn't stop talking and thinking about them last night and today. Your work is excellent and I want my walls covered in my new photos. Thank you again Catherine. I'm off to email your fabulous work to my family. They will be so rapt! Did I mention we loved the photos?! -- JEANNINE

Amazing and beautiful photos Catherine (and Mark). You captured the day perfectly, and we were all so impressed with your professionalism and skill. Anna & Jake are a stunning couple in every way, but you can really feel the magic, fun and romance of their marriage in these photos. If anyone is considering using Catherine and reading this – do not hesitate – she is brilliant! -- ALISON, big sister and proud bridesmaid

My 3-year-old Ada was very excited about the shoot and as a result, when she arrived she was bouncing off the ceiling, and it was to Catherine's credit that she brought Ada's excitement levels down to a manageable level without diluting her enthusiasm. It was a pleasure to watch my daughter being led through the process, and also becoming part of the process too. Ada became so relaxed that she was suggesting poses, and it is some of these images which have become our favourites. I would recommend Catherine to anyone considering having that special shoot done of their children. Our only problem has been trying to explain to Ada that she can't go back every week. -- SIMON NEALE