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Other things may change us, but we start and end with family. — Anthony Brandt


Family. It is the most important thing in our lives. We know how much loved ones mean to us. We know how much we’d miss them if for some reason we couldn’t be with them any more. Yet it’s sometimes not until we’re holding a beautiful photograph that we stop and see what we really have.

We are all moving so fast these days. The demands on our time are so many and varied, and information is coming at us faster than ever before - there's a constant feeling of needing to catch up. We need to make time to keep up with each other emotionally, and I believe this is where family portraits come in. Great portrait photography has a long shelf life that only improves with age.

I want you to have gorgeous photographs on your walls reminding you of who you are as a family and how you belong to each other.

It’s up to you where we hold your session - my Brooklyn studio, a park, gardens, beach or your home. When you book you will be sent a PDF of helpful tips, such as what to wear. Whether it’s a family photo shoot you’re after, newborn photographymaternity photography or a new commercial portrait for your business cards or LinkedIn profile, get in touch to discuss how I can help you.

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How do I make a booking?

Get in touch and I’ll email you with more information and an agreement form. Your booking is confirmed once the form is returned and the $150 session fee is paid.


Do I need to decide in advance what I want to order?

No you don’t. I will send you a price guide when you first enquire, so you have time to get familiar with it and start thinking about how you want to display and share your photographs, but you don’t need to make any decisions until you see your images at your ordering session. I’m not into pressured sales, and I have some great software that makes it relatively easy to select the photos you love the most. Once you’ve decided what you’re after, I can make suggestions on packages that will give you the best value for money.

How long do the sessions take?

I take family shoots at your kids’ pace: some take a while to warm up, while others come in raring to go. As a general guide, allow 1-1.5 hours for family sessions. Toddlers may well not last that long, but I work fast and can achieve a lot in a short space of time. For a newborn session allow at least two hours: this gives plenty of time for feeding, changing and cuddles.

Corporate headshots take only 15-20 minutes for the shoot, so it’s easy to pop up to my Brooklyn studio in your lunch break. If you have time to stick around on the day, we can then download the photos and go through them together to make your selections on the spot. This often means I can complete the retouching and get your files to you the same day or the following day.


What should we wear?

Not bright yellows, reds and oranges - they tend to be over-powering, and the reflected light can render skin tones with a colour cast. Avoid clothing with logos, words and strong images, because they tend to draw the viewer’s eye away from the subject’s face. Textures are great (e.g. chunky knits, scarves, fun accessories). For group shots, don’t match your clothing exactly, but if you can make sure the colours work together it unifies the photo and keeps the focus on the people.


Anything you need me to do during the session?

Children often love to perform for the camera. I will get better results if they enjoy the photo session, so please don’t despair and crack down too hard on them if they seem to be doing one “photo face” after another. I am adept at grabbing natural shots in between all the silliness! Also, I do believe that we should celebrate the way children propel themselves through life at full speed: their crazy senses of humour are part of the package. So are other moods: please don’t be embarrassed if your child is not behaving - believe me, I’ve seen it all! It is very common, especially at the start of the shoot, for a kid to be shy or uncooperative. The best thing you can do is refrain from asking them to smile or behave for me, as this only creates a barrier that I need to overcome in establishing a connection with them.


What if my child is unwell?

No problem. Give me a call as soon as possible and we can reschedule.


How and when will we see our photos?

Within two weeks of your shoot I will be in touch to invite you to an ordering session at my Brooklyn studio, where I’ll present your images on a large screen and we can work together to choose the ones you love and how you’d like to present them. I ask that you please schedule your ordering session at a time when all key decision-makers can be present. A 5% discount applies to all orders paid for at this session.


Who has copyright over the images?

I do. As with most professional photographers, I retain copyright of my photographs. This gives me the right to use the images for a variety of purposes, for example submission for awards, blogging, advertising or selling prints to your guests. The digital files are licensed to you for your personal use, but you must not alter them in any way. You are welcome to post the photos online (photographer credit/website link always very much appreciated!) and share the files with friends and family so that they can also do their own prints, but you cannot sell your images (for example for stock photography). Please note that Catherine Cattanach Photography cannot be held liable for the quality of any printed/published matter from the image files, and strongly recommends using quality photographic labs for printing.


We really, really don’t want our photos shared online - is that OK?

I do very much appreciate being able to use the images for self-promotion, as showing my work is fundamental to my business. Your involvement with me is probably only as a result of seeing work I created for other clients. However, they are your images and if you feel very strongly about this then I will of course respect that!