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All the photographic material and inspiration I could possibly wish for is laid out for me at a wedding, and it’s all real. Forget having to manufacture a scene out of thin air and make it look convincing. Being able to capture real life happiness and love is a beautiful thing, no matter how cheesy it sounds.

The bulk of my wedding work is documentary in nature and I like to think of myself as a stealthy Photography Ninja, hunting all the little moments that maybe you aren’t even aware of. I tell the story of your day, but I’m not pedantic about ‘photojournalism’. I do give you some direction: I want you to appear relaxed, and often that entails guiding you a little.

It's about the light, the moments of connection, genuine expressions, candid gestures, the things that make each couple individual ... these are the things I constantly home in on.

I work quite quickly, which keeps things fun and stops the smiles becoming wooden. I will not drag you away from your guests for hours on end: it is a wedding, not a photo shoot. It just happens to be an event where happy couples, families, friends and generations come together, all dressed to the nines, to celebrate commitment and love. Photographic gold.

I'm honoured to have been featured on wedding blogs Style Me Pretty, Magnolia Rouge, Paper & Lace and Love Me Do. I take on only a handful of weddings each year, so get in touch quickly to secure your booking.

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When can we see our photos?

I aim to get a mini preview to you within a fortnight of the wedding so you have something to show your friends and family, but please allow up to six weeks for delivery of your full set of photos.


What payment do you require, and when?

I require a non-refundable retainer of $500 and a completed wedding agreement form to confirm your booking. Once the retainer is paid I will turn down any other enquiries for your wedding day. The balance of your agreed package is due at least two weeks before the wedding. Albums can be added or upgraded after the wedding.


What if I hate posing?

The vast majority of my clients are not comfortable in front of a camera. The trick is in creating a comfortable atmosphere that is conducive to natural-looking photos. Nobody wants to look like a poser! But at the same time, candid photography isn’t necessarily the best way to shoot the entire day. Most people are more likely to appear relaxed when they’re given a little bit of direction and some ideas to try. I’m targeting those genuine moments where you connect with each other, and I find that each couple tends to put their own personal stamp on things.


How long should we allow for bridal party photos?

It depends entirely on your priorities. I’ve done 15-minute bridal party shoots, but most people allow for 1 to 1.5 hours. When we meet up we can talk through a rough timeline for your day, as there are often little things that brides and grooms haven’t thought to allow for.


Do we need to feed you?

If I’m covering the reception, yes please. The last thing you want is your photographer to have the shakes! Nothing fancy is required: ask your venue about doing a simple one-course vendor meal.


How much editing do you do on our photos?

I like to keep things pretty simple. Your wedding photos are going to date naturally over time, and there’s no point hurrying that process with gimmicky Photoshop filters. The photos on your USB drive will be adjusted for colour and contrast, cropped, and some may be converted to black and white, depending on what you’ve indicated you’re after. On the images you choose for your album or that you want to print, you can choose to have further Photoshop work such as subtle skin softening or touch-ups of skin blemishes and there is no extra charge for this.


How much input will we have in the design of our wedding album?

As much or as little as you want. Most clients give me their favourite 20 photos and then leave the initial design to me, which gives me a steer on what they like but also allows me good design flexibility. The draft design is submitted for your approval, and you can make up to two rounds of changes. Beyond that point charges may apply for extra design changes. No changes are possible once the album proofs are signed off.


When will our album be ready?

After signing off your album design, please allow two months for delivery.


Who has copyright over the images?

I do. As with most professional photographers, I retain copyright of my photographs. This gives me the right to use the images for a variety of purposes, for example submission for awards, blogging, advertising or selling prints to your guests. The digital files are licensed to you for your personal use, but you must not alter them in any way. You are welcome to post the photos online (photographer credit/website link always very much appreciated!) and share the files with friends and family so that they can also do their own prints, but you cannot sell your wedding images (for example for stock photography). Please note that Catherine Cattanach Photography cannot be held liable for the quality of any printed/published matter from the image files, and strongly recommends using quality photographic labs for printing.


We really, really don’t want our photos shared online - is that OK?

I do very much appreciate being able to use the images for self-promotion, as showing my work is fundamental to my business. Your involvement with me is probably only as a result of seeing work I created for other clients. However, it’s your wedding and if you feel very strongly about this then I will of course respect that!